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Some of our references include

Pro Fishing Simulator (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC); ImaginMe (iOS, Android);

My First Songs(Nintendo Wii, DS,

Wii U, iOS, Android),

Core Blaster (PSP, PlayStation 3),

Burn the Rope (PlayStation Vita).



Games can be a useful tool for marketing. With new technologies integrated into the game (iBeacons, QR Codes, Facebook, etc..) the possibilities are endless. It can go from branding a game and associating a joyful experience to a particular brand or product, to sales and data collection.


Games are a proven tool for simulation. It is used for training pilots, traders, etc.. The advantage of the simulation is that it can be repeated, adjusted, made in advance of an actual project. It is also easily made accessible.


Use gamification to increase productivity of your employees. The app works like a training app. The user is offered challenges based on his position and skills. It also shows to the user its progression over time. Use the same technics as mobile games for employee retention and engagement.

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