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RingZero Game Studio is an international video game development company with many years of experience in game development. We have released more that 30 tittles on a variety of platforms. We focus on the development of AA games for consoles (PS4, Xbox One).





With a highly experienced management team and a talented group of game developers, creating an end-product that is engaging with amazing graphics is what we do best at RingZero Game Studio. Our end-to-end game development service allows channeling creativity into reality. We are extremely pleased to report that our development talent has reached the level where we deliver AA and AAA quality titles. This is an exciting time for us.

This is a complete, ongoing support package for the development of your game, at any stage of your game. You hand us your IP and we treat it like it is our own product to develop. We provide ongoing support and address any bugs that may arise. We plan, strategize, develop, and implement additional content (perhaps DLC) for your game post production. If you contract with us early in the development cycle, we will act as bespoke developers for your project. This is end-to-end development on a subscription-based model.

Due to the nature of this work, we only accept subscriptions of 18 months or longer.

In this model of partnership, we take IP that we already own and have developed – then we modify it to meet your specific business needs. Examples of this could be simple apps developed for marketing purposes and to raise brand awareness. Other examples are creating a gamified loyalty program tailored to your target demographic. These are generally shorter projects where we already possess, maintain, and update the base IP upon which further products are built.



There is little in this digital era that can sink a brand’s reputation faster than software or games that are riddled with bugs and errors. Within the world of Game Development, it is common knowledge that a product that has not gone through rigorous QA testing prior to launch will cause far more headaches and wasted time/resources than were it to have been tested beforehand.

We at RingZero Game Studio are happy to have developed a robust team of experienced testers and leaders in the QA field. Through a variety of type specific functional and automation testing, our team can pinpoint where your game (or software) has problems and will provide reports in a detailed, easily actionable manner.




Most gamers today expect some sort of ability to constantly engage, or communicate, with a development team. The days of releasing a finalized product and never revisiting it are long in the past. Through a series of events, promotions, content delivery, and community management, we are able to ensure that your game feels alive.

The information we gather from these interactions (through explicit permission) is analyzed to help ensure that you understand your customers even better, and to help us provide LiveOps services that your customers are more likely to engage with and enjoy.


Leveraging our knowledge and resources from our mother company, RingZero Networks, our backends allow our publishers to customize their games remotely. You can create new challenges,  or update certain part of the games without having the player redownload the game. They are also used for leaderboards, saving player progression or statistics.

We use the latest technologies with micro service architecture and Continuous Development and Integration with Jenkins, Github and Dockerhub. Our backends are hosted on Amazon AWS. Dev ops take care of the maintenance and migration of our backends.















We use scrum for the production of our projects. Each production team has its own daily stand up meeting. We have weekly builds and sprint durations which go from one week to two weeks depending on the type of project. Project duration usually ranges from 6 months to 2 years with a team of 10 to 30 people. Before starting production we will usually have a Waterfall plan with milestones. The features breakdown of this plan is used as our initial backlog. We have weekly Skype meetings with our partners and other stakeholders who are not on site.


Today it is not enough to do a fun game for a specific demographic anymore, whether it is a premium or freemium game. In console AA / PC, our KPIs includes player engagement, duration of play with story, events, leaderboards and post launch support. For mobile freemium game development, each new feature we design and develop has attached expected retention, conversion, impact on cost of acquisition and revenue.


We use Jira for project management and task tracking, Tempo for time tracking, for flowcharts, and Confluence for documentation that fits wiki format. For other types of document we use Microsoft products (we are Microsoft Gold Partner) and Sharepoint as a repository. We use Outlook and Slack for communication. For art, we use industry standards tools from Adobe and Autodesk.

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